Tickets can be purchased at the boarding place of the City Train itself (usually on Wilhelminaplein), the Visitor Center and the Frisian Regional Shop Ut Streekie. Tickets are not time-bound without a reservation. If you buy tickets in advance, a reservation will be made for you by the store.

The train is ready at the starting point half an hour before departure.


Visitor Center Leeuwarden
Oldehoofsterkerkhof in gebouw “Obe” 

Friese Streekwinkel Ut Streekie
Oldehoofsterkerkhof 52, 8911 DH Leeuwarden, Nederland

Parking garage Zaailand
Zaailand 5, 8911 BL Leeuwarden, Nederland


Adult 12+€ 7,50
Kids 4 to 11€ 3,50
Kids 0 to 3Free
Ut Streekie or the Visitor Center
Adult 12+€ 8,00
Kids 4 to 11€ 4,00
Kids 0 to 3Free
At the boarding point (pin or cash)

The above prices apply to entry and exit Wilhelminaplein during regular departure times.

Children under 12 accompanied by at least one adult only.

Groups of at least 15 adults receive a 12.5% discount.


It is not mandatory to book in advance, but if you want to be sure of your place, you can. In high season June to August we recommend that you make a reservation.


A tour of Leeuwarden is ideal for groups. Think not only of excursions to Leeuwarden, but also family parties and staff outings, for example. In the season, a booking can – in principle – be made every day of the week. The train can accommodate 45 to 60 people. Getting on and out of the city elsewhere is usually also possible. A nice idea for a ride around the city yourself? Also possible.


With a timely request, it is possible to board and/or disembart elsewhere for a tour. In high season (June-August) boarding and/or disembarking elsewhere is limited due to the crowds: ask in time.

Other journeys by train in Leeuwarden outside the regular tours are also possible.

Tour + good food and drinks as an outing?