A tour of Leeuwarden is – in all circumstances – the most comfortable way to discover the city. Soft benches, shade from the sun, protected from the rain and wind.

In the months of June to August, the train runs – in principle – every day except Friday. In the months of April, May, September and October, the train runs less frequently. Always look in advance for current changes to the calendar under the ‘reserve’ button. Regular tours are – due to the market – not on Fridays. Bookings are possible on any day of the week.


Car: Under Wilhelminaplein* is car parking garage ‘P-Zaailand’.

Bicycle: A free guarded bicycle shed is available on Wilhelminaplein*.

*train starting point




How many seats does the train have?

A total of 60 passenger seats are available, 4 per sofa. A maximum of 45 is more comfortable, this maximum is maintained during regular trips.

Is the train wheelchair accessible?

The train does not have a wheelchair lift. Passengers will have to take two small steps – possibly with help – to get on the train.

Can wheelchairs and walkers join the train?

If there is sufficient seating available, and the wheelchair or walker is collapsible, most types can be placed between the benches. If the walker or wheelchair cannot be taken, they will be secured at the boarding point. (E.R.) Sometimes there is enough space in the guarded bicycle shed to place a walker/wheelchair there.

Can dogs go on the train?

For service dogs, the answer to the above question is always: Yes. Other dogs are allowed if the dog is not too big and does not cause inconvenience. Dogs should not sit/lie on the couch.

Is a tour fun for kids?

The question above is not easy to answer. Most kids love taking a ride on the train just for driving itself. Children must be able to sit still for 45 minutes. Other passengers should be able to listen quietly to the audio tour.

Is the train electrically powered?


Can you eat and drink on the train?

Drinking water is allowed. Consuming other drinks or food where tampering is not a major risk is usually allowed, but always in consultation.

Can you smoke on the train?