Groups and Arrangements


A tour of Leeuwarden is ideal for groups. Think not only of day trips to Leeuwarden, but also family parties and staff outings, for example. In the season, a booking can – in principle – be made every day of the week. The train can accommodate 45 to 60 people. Getting on and out of the city elsewhere is usually also possible. A nice idea for a ride around the city yourself? Also possible.


You will arrive in Leeuwarden and receive coffee/tea with apple pie at restaurant ‘In de Brouwerij’. Then get on the train at the door of the restaurant for a tour of the city. After the tour you can enjoy a delicious 12 hours In the Brewery: cup of soup, croquette sandwich and ham or cheese sandwich, coffee, tea or milk.

Cost: €29 per person Minimum number of participants: 25*

*Other options are also possible, for example dinner. Is your group less than 25? Ask about the possibilities. | Any deviations in price will be reported before booking.


Combine the tour with a step in grandmother’s time. You drop off the train or pick you up at Museum de Grutterswinkel where you get coffee and orange cake. The shelves of the store are full of stock cans and products from the past such as stove polish, Vim, peas and beans and of course old-fashioned sweets, licorice and cookies. And all that goodies are still for sale in the Grutterswinkel. After coffee, you will be given a tour of the store.

Cost: €16.50 per person Minimum number of participants: 15*

*Is your group less than 15? Ask about the possibilities.


Combine the tour with a theatrical tour of former Blokhuispoort prison. In 1974 Meesterkraker Aage M. escapes from the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden. Cipiers Waakstra & De Weg know all about it. They tell about the Blokhuispoort, Aage M and other striking ‘residents’ during this humorous tour. Do you think you can escape like Aage? Are you as cut and knotting sheets as the best? Walk and laugh along and get to know two centuries of prison history in the heart of Leeuwarden. And rest assured: Waakstra & De Weg have all the keys. You pick up the train or drop you off at the Blokhuispoort. Guided tour via Acta theatre and music.

Cost: €20 per person Minimum number of participants: 15*

*Is your group less than 15? Ask about the possibilities.